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Marlborough Primary School


We believe school uniform boosts school unity and pride.

We believe our school uniform aids our pupils to focus on their most important task, learning.  By eliminating the daily distractions of unregulated school clothing, as well as the peer pressure associated with “label competition,” uniforms set the tone for a proper work attitude in the classroom, reduce behaviour problems and improve student performance.

An attractive standard of dress enhances school spirit, good self-image and school unity.  Just as an athletic team’s uniform promote unity and spirit, so can a school uniform. 

A standard of dress allows pupils’ attention to be directed toward learning and growing in the place it matters most, the classroom.  Instead of demonstrating their self-expression through the latest contemporary styles, pupils focus on more appropriate ways to express themselves during their school day, most notably through personal or academic achievement.


School uniform

Red jumper, cardigan or fleece

White shirt or polo t-shirt

Grey school skirt

Grey school trousers

Grey school dress

Plain black shoes or trainers

Plain tights (grey, red, black or white)

Leggings to be worn under dresses/skirts (grey, red, black or white)

Socks (grey, red, black or white)

Plain hijab (grey, red, black or white)


PE Kit 

Navy logo t-shirt or plain navy t-shirt

Black shorts/ leggings/ tracksuit bottoms

Red sweatshirt

Plain black trainers or plimsolls 


School equipment

Named water bottle

School reading book bag

Small pencil case - rubber, sharpener, colouring pencils, glue stick (KS2 only)

Wrist watch (KS2)

Please note only stud earrings may be worn to school. No other jewellery is allowed except the religious Sikh Kara. No smart watches and hair bows.

On PE days stud earrings should not be worn for PE. Also a sweatband will be required to cover a Sikh Kara.

Uniform can be purchased via local retailers or branded uniform can be purchased online at Sanco via their website or by visiting their shop at the address below.  

60 Bell Road


TW3 3PB                                                                                   

Tel: 020 8570 9990