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Marlborough Primary School

Vision, Values and Ethos

At Marlborough, our core purpose is to build on children’s interests, knowledge and to instil passion for learning. Everybody is welcome and supported to be successful.

We endeavour to ensure each child takes personal responsibility, develop a growth mindset and strive to be their personal best. Our children are self-regulated with boundaries in knowing doing the right thing is important.

Our distinct ethos nurtures our children to:

Engage - Seeking to stimulate interest, capture attention and encourage the participation of our learners. 

Motivate - We help our pupils respond positively to learning experiences.  This is reflected in their enthusiasm, capacity for sustaining concentration and determination in completing tasks.

Support - We ensure that all our learners feel included and are able to succeed. This may include the use of targeted activities and questions, additional resources and/or specific learning interventions. 

Challenge – We ensure that all pupils are encouraged to understand that learning requires effort and perseverance.  This may involve applying their knowledge and understanding to new or unfamiliar situations.

We maintain a reputation for highly inclusive practice with specialist staff to support learning in collaboration and our inclusive ethos promotes greater understanding and empathy for others. Our children grow positive attitudes to learning and are reflective, self-regulated and confident.

Our Values

We foster positive relationships promoting mutual respect and core values of kindness, resilience, integrity and curiosity.