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Marlborough Primary School


Our Nursery and Reception children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework, supported by the non-statutory Development Matters.

The EYFS educational programmes provide us with the curriculum framework which is then built upon further to decide the wider learning content that best fits the interests and needs of our children.

The Early Years curriculum is sequential, encouraging building blocks to deepen learning across a wide range of experiences.

In our school, language development is at the heart of our Early Years Provision. We focus on a language rich environment with indoor and outdoor learning environments being carefully planned to stimulate and enable interaction.

Young children learn through play. Our staff model and scaffold learning from adults, they develop curiosity and problem solving skills. We develop social interaction teaching our children how to resolve conflicts and take turns.

We enable our children to learn through first hand experiences, they make use of the outdoor learning environment, role play areas and cooking in school.

We have a highly experienced and passionate team who support children with constructive feedback to improve and develop. Our staff base relationships on care, trust and positive praise. Children receive feedback whilst they learn as practitioners’ praise what went well, share why they were successful and comment on what they could improve.

Our staff make observations to capture progress to identify next steps and assess learning. Parents are encouraged to contribute to children’s portfolios with experiences outside of school.

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